Shooting at Target 1st re-action 8.18.19

Initial experience ~ 2:45 pm 8.18.19  
I am shaking and in tears…. How did we become SO uncaring??? 😔
Heard sirens while going to met Terry at Spin Pizza in Lee’s Summit. After, went to Target and the grocery entrance was blocked. Yellow police tape, 4 police cars and numerous officers conducting a search. I saw them pick up clothes and put them in a bag, I did not see blood. I thought it was a foiled robbery.
While standing in line at the Starbucks Kiosk, overheard people talking about what happened. Someone(s) shot a person in the back and threw them out on the ground in front of the doors, we don’t know if they survived. It is business as usual in the store. Many employees are wondering why they’re still open.
When will it be enough!

As the Veil Lifts, not only Light has access, so does Dark ~ how’d I miss that!

As an Empathic soul, I’ve been focused on ‘helping’ seems all my life. It was very painful when young. Couldn’t tell me from them. Them as someone sitting next to me or someone sitting half way around the world. I felt their pain as my own. It was scary. Makes one wonder if they are quite right in the mind. Certainly, family members don’t seem to think so.

And it is a very strange place, this world, after all. How can you know or tell when you are young and dead center in the middle of a very structured country. ‘This is how it is.” “This is reality everywhere.” “This is how We act and everyone else is wrong.” I get it now. They were trying to ‘feel safe’ by drawing lines in the sand, never noticing that sand shifts so easily. A small breeze, a drop of rain, a flood or tornado ~ suddenly everything known was now un-known. So go back to the point were we Knew everything and just keep believing it, no matter what! Drill it into the little minds around you to keep them anchored.

Anyone out there? Anyone else feel the unreality of reality? Do you wonder if it’s You or someone else? Do you feel like you’re loosing It but you don’t know what It is? Very unsettling. Are you trying to keep the lid on so ‘they’ don’t know how loosely hinged you are? Are you self-medicating with food, alcohol, drugs (prescribed or self-sourced), sex, movies, TV, religion, exercise; Anything to keep your mind too busy to ask questions? Let me just stop here and tell you, you are OK. You just can’t remember why you came this way. What ever made you think this was a good idea?

This is the beginning of Truth. The beginning of understanding. Don’t try to ‘hide or run’ away from it. That’s where the real insanity lies. Where medication is used to numb you out like all the other little clones. You, are not, that. Rejoice in this one fact for at least a minute! Breath. Breathing is good.